Advantage of self loading concrete mixer truck

August 06, 2021

The invention of the self-loading concrete mixer has made the struggle starts with the transportation of raw material till the availability of electricity at the construction site not hard any longer.

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Therefore, what is the advantages of self loading concrete mixer truck?

1. Independence: The self loading transit mixer can independently complete loading, mixing, transporting and unloading.

2. Multi-function: Self loading transit mixer integrates the functions of loader, mixer, concrete truck and generator set,etc. It also has its own water tank and an external suction pump. The continuous water supply to the machine can be realized in those places where there is a water source.

3. Strong Applicability. It can discharge concrete at 270 degrees, which is suitable for a variety of different regional environments.

4. Simple Operation. The self concrete mixer operator can use a multifunctional operation handle to control the whole process including bucket lifting and lowing, rotating and tank turning. The walking system adopts stepless speed change and four wheels, ensuring convenient and reliable transport.

5.Flexibility. this self loading concrete mixer truck can be moved anytime and anywhere, regardless of location, and can be run on flat ground or mountain area.

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