Application of Pan Mixer

July 09, 2024

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Pan mixers are commonly used for mixing and stirring processes in basic construction sites, laboratories, and industrial production. Here are some common usage scenarios:


1.Basic construction sites: concrete mixing, used with concrete pumps for mixing and conveying concrete. It can also be used with brick making machines to form a complete brick production line
2.Laboratory research and development: In laboratories in scientific fields such as chemistry, biology, and medicine, pan mixers are used to mix solutions, culture cells, mix drugs, etc.
3.Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical process, pan mixers are used to mix different drug ingredients and prepare drug formulas to ensure uniformity and stability.
4.Chemical industry: In chemical production, pan mixers are used to mix various chemicals and prepare compounds or materials.
5.Food processing: In the food industry, especially in the production of liquid foods such as sauces and condiments, pan mixers are used to mix raw materials to ensure uniformity and quality.
6.Beverage industry: Used to mix beverage raw materials and make beverage formulas to ensure consistent taste and quality.
7.Environmental engineering: In the field of environmental engineering, pan mixers can be used to treat sewage, mix sludge, etc.
The pan mixer uses a rotating pan and an agitator fixed on the pan to place the material in the rotating pan and mix it through centrifugal force and friction. This design makes it particularly suitable for occasions that require uniform mixing while maintaining simple operation and high controllability.


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