Concrete Boom Pump Truck

September 18, 2020

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The concrete pump truck is also called the boom concrete pump truck. It installs the concrete pump and the hydraulic folding boom on the chassis of the car or trailer, and lays the conveying pipeline along the boom, and finally outputs the concrete through the end hose. mechanical. Because the boom has the functions of luffing, folding and turning, the construction staff can fabric cloth within the reach of the boom.

The concrete pump truck can complete the on-site concrete conveying and distributing operations at the same time. It has the characteristics of good pumping performance, large distributing range, flexible mobility and convenient transfer. It is especially suitable for large concrete pouring demand, super large volume and super thick foundation concrete One-time pouring and high-quality projects. Concrete pump truck pumping technology has been adopted in the concrete construction of key construction projects, and its application range has been in water conservancy, subways, bridges, large foundations, high-rise buildings and other projects. In recent years, the concrete pump truck has become a model for pumping concrete construction machinery.

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