Concrete mixing plant maintenance

November 23, 2023

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Before carrying out maintenance operations, it is first necessary to troubleshoot the mixing station. Generally speaking, troubleshooting steps include the following links:

1. Collect fault information: Understand the time, frequency, specific performance and other information of faults, which can be obtained through equipment alarm records or manual observation.

2. Check the electrical system: Check whether there are any abnormalities in the electrical system, such as whether the electrical equipment is working properly and whether there are loose wiring inside the electrical box.

3. Check the hydraulic system: Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic system is normal, whether the pipeline is blocked, whether the hydraulic oil is dirty, etc.

4. Check the mechanical part: Check whether there are any abnormalities in the mechanical part, such as whether the transmission part is damaged, whether the bearings are worn, etc.

5. Maintenance report: Based on the results of troubleshooting, a maintenance report is formed to clarify the direction of maintenance.