Environmental Protection Type Concrete Mixing Plant

July 01, 2020
Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant is new type concrete mixing plant, which specially designed for more strictly environmental protection requirement, and complete a series of requirements to the production of concrete equipment portfolio, generally composed of a closed quarry, the main building packaging, conveyor systems, dosing equipment, mixing system, dust collection system, waste recycling waste water treatment systems, enterprise resource management systems and other components.
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The advantages of environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant as follows:
1, The yard should be closed. Mixing station need meet the space of aggregate (containing sand, stone) stacking transport;
2, The main building as a whole package. The noise and dust can be prevented from overall appearance of the packaging of the concrete batching plant.
3, Aggregate automatic feeding systems. Cancel loader when the sand and gravel material are used at night.
4, Collecting dust compulsorily. Mixing station can meet the collection of the each dust discharge point;
5.Automatic car wash equipment. Able to meet the automatic cleaning of concrete truck.
6.Enterprise resource management system. software system can meet the unified management of internal resources in Mixing Plant.
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