How many set of measurement equipment does a concrete batching plant need?

April 16, 2020

Concrete mixing plant in the production process requires more raw materials, and each kind of raw materials, the accuracy of measurement will be related to the quality of the concrete produced. This requires mixing station equipped with multiple sets of metering equipment, usually mixing station configuration aggregate storage silo 3 or 4, powder silo 3 to 5, a water tank, liquid additive cartridge 1 to 3, so projections need Matching measurement equipment is as follows:

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    1. Aggregate metering equipment
    Aggregate measurement equipment depends on the number of measurement methods, the general bone material site warehouse for the independent measurement of the form of measurement, with 4 scales, aggregate form of the form with the cumulative measurement with a scale, according to the independent measurement of the number of storage positions corresponding Configure 3 or 4 scales.
    2. Powder metering equipment
    When the concrete mixing station powder only cement and fly ash, the cumulative measurement can be used with a scale, as well as slag powder, expansion agent powder, the cement and other powder were measured independently with two scales.
    3. Liquid metering equipment
    Liquid mixing in concrete mixing station is divided into liquid and liquid admixtures. Some enterprises to save costs, water flow measurement of water use. This method, the accuracy is not high, the latter part of the test block test strength and other analysis have a great impact, so small series suggested that customers with the appropriate measurement equipment. In general, in the concrete mixing station in the water and additives can be accumulated with a scale measurement, can also be measured separately with two scales.
    In summary, the conventional design of the concrete mixing station can be equipped with 3 to 8 sets of measuring equipment for 8 to 12 kinds of materials for batching. Zhengzhou, Henan Province, XinYu is the first to obtain "manufacturing measuring instruments permit," the unit, the production of high precision measurement equipment, good quality, welcome to inquire purchase.

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