Key points need to be paid attention to when operating a small mixer truck!

December 26, 2023

A small mixer truck is a type of vehicle specifically used for concrete transportation, and is one of the important components of the "one station, three vehicles". It undertakes the task of safely, reliably, and efficiently transporting commercial concrete from the mixing station to the construction site. Therefore, the precautions for using the mixer truck are quite important, and the following key points need to be noted during operation:

1. Safe operation: When operating a small mixer truck, it is necessary to comply with traffic rules to ensure driving safety. At the same time, operators need to be familiar with the structure and working principle of small mixer trucks, understand the functions of various control buttons and indicating instruments, and maintain the normal operation of the vehicle.

2. Reasonable load: When loading concrete, it is necessary to reasonably grasp the loading amount based on the vehicle's load capacity and road conditions. Try not to overload to avoid affecting the operation of small mixing trucks and the performance of concrete slump.

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3. Correct pouring: When pouring, it is necessary to thoroughly mix the concrete in the mixing bucket and then pour it out to ensure the uniformity of the concrete. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to safety during the pouring process to ensure that no personnel are nearby.


4. Maintenance: Small mixer trucks require regular maintenance, including changing engine oil, cleaning air filters, checking tire pressure, etc., to ensure normal operation and extend their service life.




5. Driving skills: During the driving process of small mixer trucks, it is necessary to pay attention to speed, turning radius, braking distance, etc., master driving skills and vehicle characteristics, and ensure stable and safe driving.


In summary, the key to the operation of small mixer trucks lies in safe operation, reasonable load, correct pouring, maintenance, and driving skills. Only by mastering these key points can the normal operation and service life of small mixer trucks be guaranteed. For more related content, come to our website consulting service

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