Overall situation of self loading concrete mixer truck

May 10, 2023

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Overall situation of self loading concrete mixer truck

1. Select domestic universal components: use domestic reducers, oil pumps, and powerful motors;

2. To solve the problem of slope overflow: increase the hopper design, making it easier to fill concrete, and have a unique sealing design for the feeding hopper. Solved the problem of climbing and overflow.

3. Good wear resistance of components: The discharge chute at the rear end is covered with highly wear-resistant materials, greatly improving wear resistance and service life. The stirring tank and blades adopt argon automatic welding technology, and the service life of the wear-resistant material type stirring tank and blades is extended by more than twice.

4. Convenient flushing and water addition: The design of four waterways and tank flushing, water addition inside the tank, and cleaning of the material hopper are more convenient.

5. Convenient operation: The control structures on both sides of the cab are set up to make loading and unloading more convenient, especially suitable for rainy days and muddy roads.

6. Optional variable displacement pump for more reasonable power distribution and improved engine efficiency.