Precautions before using the concrete mixing plant

January 29, 2022

Precautions before using the concrete mixing plant

1. There is no foreign matter stuck in the mixing drum and the transmission and movement parts of each supporting mechanism, as well as the warehouse door, bucket door, track, etc.

2. Check the oil level and oil quality of the gearbox. If the oil is insufficient, it should be added. If it is not clean, it should be replaced.

3. The connection of the structure part of the mixing station must be firm and reliable. The limit device and brake are sensitive and reliable.

4. The rubber sleeve connecting the weighing bucket should not be subjected to tension and pressure, otherwise the weighing accuracy will be affected.

5. The wire rope installation and reel winding of the hoisting bucket or dragline are correct, the wire rope and pulley are in compliance with the regulations, and the brakes of the hoisting hopper and the dragline are sensitive and effective.

6. Each electrical device can effectively control the mechanical action, and there is no obvious damage to each contact point and moving and static contacts.

7. Check the mechanical operation. After confirming that the mixing system is normal, the automatic cycle production can be started. It is strictly forbidden to stop or start with load.

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