Precautions for cleaning of self loading mixer truck

March 06, 2021

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Precautions for cleaning of self-loading mixer truck

1. Rinse the feed port with water before each filling to keep the feed port moist during filling;

2. Fill the washing water tank that comes with the car with water while loading;

3. Rinse the feed port after loading, and clean the remaining concrete near the feed port;

4. After unloading at the construction site, rinse the discharge chute, and then add 30-40L of cleaning water to the concrete storage tank; keep the concrete storage tank positive and slow when the vehicle returns;

5. Remember to drain the sewage in the concrete storage tank before loading the next time;

Clean the concrete storage tank and around the material inlet and outlet automatically at the end of the day. The cleaning points of the self-loading mixer truck are to ensure that there is no cement and concrete agglomeration.

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