Professional JS3000 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

March 26, 2021

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JS3000 twin shaft concrete mixer is a kind of double-shaft forced concrete mixer with reasonable designed structure of the whole machine. It has strong points such as strong stir, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, novel layout, high automation and convenient application and repair.

JS3000 concrete mixer machine advantages:

1. Equipped with multiple shaft sealing and flotation sealing protective device, effectively preventing shaft end mortar leakage;

2. Unique monitoring system of twin shaft concrete mixers can working condition of monitor reduction box, discharge pump and electrical lubricating pump;

3. Firm and rigid pneumatic and electric discharging door device effectively improves the service and sealing property of the discharging door.

4. Multi pipes & ways water injecting system can make sure that the water can be injected uniformly;

5. Specification of volume with 1.5m3/ 2m3/ 3m3/ 4m3 can be chosen.

6. Heavy design and stable running;

JS3000 Forced concrete mixer application:

JS3000 forced concrete mixer is applicable to the common construction working site, road, bridge and each kind of precast product factory. The machine can mix dry concrete, plastic concrete, light weight aggregate concrete and different mortar. JS forced concrete mixer can work independently or be used as facility concrete plant, which is applied with concrete batching machine. The forced concrete mixer is a widely used machine with high efficiency.

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