Self loading concrete mixer truck to the whole world

July 30, 2020

We have exported a lot of self loading concrete mixer truck to the whole world.

Self loading concrete mixer consists of five systems:

1. loading system;  2.weighing system;  3.mixing system;

 4.discharging system;  5.wheel system.

The main parts include:

1.control room 2.hydraulic shovel 3.mixing bucket 4.water tank 5.wheels.

Concrete Output: 1.2 m3-6.5m3/tank

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We equip the bucket in the front of concrete mixer, so that the whole set of machine can self load the sand or stone by itself and transport the aggregate materials to the mixing tank and mix. All the operation can be completed by this one set of mixer. So it is very convenient to be applied in the engineering construction site.

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