Talk about the influence of the concrete admixture of concrete mixing Plant use

August 13, 2021

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Talk about the influence of the concrete admixture of concrete mixing plant use

Each kind of concrete admixture has its special features, adding admixtures to the concrete one or a few ways of performance is improved.Such as water reducing agent can be increased under the condition of same water concrete liquidity, or in the same liquidity situation to reduce the unit water consumption, thus improve the strength of the concrete, improve the durability of concrete, etc.

Thus, according to the technical specification for concrete admixture applications and will comply with the relevant standard after inspection some additive adding to use in accordance with the provisions, can use the varieties of admixture cement mixing of concrete, if can produce due effect, is to adapt to the cement and the admixture;On the contrary, if cannot produce due affect, the inadaptability between the cement and the admixture.

All in all, between cement and admixture of adaptability problems affecting its application effect, if the improper use may result in serious engineering accident and economic loss is immeasurable.So, in the operation of the concrete mixing station, be sure to use proper admixture.

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