The advantages of the self loading concrete mixer

July 01, 2020

The advantages of the self loading concrete mixer


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The self loading concrete mixer is mainly used in the construction field. It is easy to operate and it has a large mixing drum. Now let’s introduce the advantages of the self loading concrete mixer.

1. Mixing well, the mixing blade is fan-shaped, and the contact area with the medium is large when mixing;

2. The nozzle is arranged in multiple rows, the water volume is uniform and can be adjusted;

3. The mixing drum of the automatic feeding mixer has compact structure and good sealing performance, and a gray ash plate is arranged at the feeding port to prevent the water mist from collapsing;

4. The residual ash rate is low, and the watershed setting at the bottom of the box ensures that there is no dead angle in the equipment.

5. The performance of the mine mixing drum equipment is advanced, the quality of the finished product is stable, the mixing is uniform, and the discharging is rapid.

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