The daily maintenance of concrete mixing equipment

April 10, 2020

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1. Before go to work, Please check whether the weighing device is normal work condition, If there have jam phenomenon affected the accuracy of weighing should be ruled out in time.

2. Checking whether the electrical wiring is correct and firm, electric box shell are reliable grounding.

3. In the operation, check all moving parts are in normal operation, and the driven roller conveyor belt running deviation, whether have bodies fall into interspace between belt and Driven roller, if there is any abnormal situation stop immediately ruled out.

4. The activity parts should include butter, belt roller removed refueling once a year.

5. when to repair the machine, must shut down and cut off the total power.

6. Batching controller should be waterproof, sunscreen, dust-proof facilities.

7. Preventing sand and gravel mixed with reinforcing steel bar, big stones and other impurities, so as not to damage the conveyor belt.

8. In order to ensure the safety of batching controller do not use it in bad weather conditions do not use, and shut off the main power supply, remove the connection between sensor and batching control instrument, prevent damage of the controller.

9. Must be smaller than the % 9, power supply voltage fluctuations.

10. As the scale in the batching controller manual methods for calibration of the weighing system at least a year, to ensure the accuracy of weighing.

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