The mixing shaft of concrete mixing plant stalling reasons and solutions

April 30, 2021

    Concrete Mixing Plant production line components of stirring shaft is one of its components, raw material of the stirring shaft of concrete mixing station of cement, sand and gravel aggregate made concrete mixed with water and stir to mix of mechanical parts, in the production of the component parts of the proportion is very important. Mechanical parts used in a very will inevitably be a variety of fault. The failure is stalling, sound of stirring shaft, gear reducer, high temperature and noise, such as shaft end slurry leakage phenomenon.

    Concrete mixing station of stirring shaft of the stirring shaft of a halt is stop running or turn slowly phenomenon is that the reason is caused by the equipment of stirring shaft work overload, equipment of stirring shaft of overloaded work is the cause of mixing station mixing shaft rotate slowly set - not.

    Solve measures is to adjust the feed rate of more than the materials are clear, also need to reduce the stirring shaft rotating load, make the normal operation of the stirring shaft of concrete mixing station, the need for cleaning equipment of the mixing blade, if there is foreign body can cause equipment of stirring shaft is stalling screeched before, and solving measure is to stop to inspect, eliminate foreign body. More information on concrete mixing station, welcome your consultation! Is mainly composed of: mixing equipment, mixing transmission system, loading and unloading system, water supply system, electric control system, smooth system such as layout, is a relatively new type of concrete mixer, the machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance.

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