The way of Cleaning the Big Shaft of Concrete Mixer

January 30, 2021

The way of Cleaning the Big Shaft of Concrete Mixer

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It is well known that the use of concrete mixing, the need for regular treatment, from time to time inside the need to manually enter the blender clean up, not to mention the existence of security risks, only in a small space to work, it is very uncomfortable. Is to give you the staff of the mixing station a few personal summary of the experience, perhaps for your work help:

    1. The most basic point, each time after using the mixer, must be washed with high pressure water gun shaft.

    2. Add a pressurized pump under water weighing, the water outlet at the axis. So that each time the water can be washed to the large axis.

    3. The increase in the number of floating ring on the axis, with the large axis of rotation and move, can make the axis of the concrete clear of the sticky.

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