What road conditions is suitable for the self loading concrete mixer?

March 02, 2019

What road conditions is suitable for the self loading concrete mixer?

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The self loading concrete mixer integrates loading, mixing, transportation and unloading, which is equivalent to a moving concrete mixing plant, which is convenient, practical and easy to operate.

The small self loading concrete mixer has the characteristics of narrow body, short wheelbase and small turning radius, and has strong advantages in the working environment of height limit, width and length. Perfect for all kinds of complicated road conditions!

For projects with narrow construction roads, the self oading concrete mixer can automatically feed, automatically stir and automatically discharge the material. The mixing tank can be rotated by 270°, and the machine can realize four-side unloading without moving the machine, saving time and labor.

The machine itself is equipped with an automatic weighing system and an automatic water supply device. The concrete that is stirred is suitable for various projects.

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