Bitumen Emulsion PlantBitumen Emulsion PlantBitumen Emulsion PlantBitumen Emulsion Plant
Bitumen Emulsion Plant

Bitumen Emulsion Plant

Capacity: 4-6 t/h   

Total Power: 26kw

Emulsified asphalt is mainly used for road upgrades and maintenance. Such as sealing layer of stone chips, as well as a variety of unique, irreplaceable other bituminous materials applications, such as cold mix asphalt, slurry seal. Emulsified asphalt can be used for new road construction, such as a sticky layer of oil, transparent layer of oil.


Components of bitumen emulsion plant:

The equipment consists of control system, emulsifying machine, emulsion pump, emulsion weighting system, pipeline and bas etc.

Control system

Bitumen Emulsion PlantUsing intelligent central control system, with automatic, manual control "oil-water ratio", production and all motor start and stop, protection and other functions
Bitumen flowmeter, soap flow meter, inverter, Siemens PLC, touch screen.
Milling machine from the most famous manufacturer in China.
Finished fineness of less than 5 microns accounted for more than 90%, energy saving, emulsifying effect is good, long service life.
Emulsion Pump
Emulsion pump material is 304 stainless steel, multi-stage type pump, high pump distance, corrosion resistance. Flow range 3-7m³ / h
Emulsion weighting system    
High precision connected to PLC
Bitumen, emulsion with pressure and temperature meter to monitor the production status, pipeline with full of heating system and asphalt filter, cycle function. Emulsion deployment tank is 3.1m ³, two tanks can be automatically change working in order to achieve the purpose of continuous production. The tank s are made of 304 stainless steel, all emulsion flow lines are used PPR or stainless steel, they can effectively prevent the corrosion of the emulsion, increase its service life.



Bitumen Emulsion Plant

Bitumen Emulsion Type

10-60% Ordinary emulsified asphalt production

30-60% modified emulsified asphalt (latex type)

30-40% emulsified SBS modified asphalt (except for emulsified SBS modified asphalt)



Emulsification fineness

<5um over 90﹪


1. Whole type unit, easy to install and move, simple operation, cost-effective

2. Emulsifier and other materials through emulsion deployment system

3. Bitumen, emulsion ratio automatic control, operation with protection functions, real-time automatic and accurate adjustment of solid content

4. Corrosion-resistant design, emulsifier and all soap flow components are stainless steel or PPR


(SBR latex modified or SBS modified high viscosity emulsified bitumen), through-layer spray, slurry seal layer, micro-surface (solid content of more than 63% modified emulsified asphalt ), Cold mix, cold regeneration and so on


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