How to Build the Cement Silo

December 25, 2020

How to Build the Cement Silo

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Before the preparation of cement warehouse, need to do some market research, according to the usual demand, choose appropriate amount of cement silo, to find a suitable cement silo manufacturer, through the investigation and research, and then to buy, what is needed in the process of the preparation of that?Look at the professional introduction.

At the time of site selection, also should pay attention to and the distance between the sand factory, don't too far apart, also note and the distance between the near residential areas, can affect people's life, avoid the cable wire and cable, such as if built on a hillside, can with the aid of slope gradient, in the process of ingredients, not intentionally to build Angle of slope, save a lot of Labour.

Under the condition of the field is broad, choose the small Angle conveyor conveying material, if the site space is limited, set up large Angle conveyor belt, in the process of transportation, sand will have the status of the left.

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