Operation procedures and matters needing attention for the concrete plant control system

December 28, 2020

Operation procedures and matters needing attention for the concrete plant control system

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A) procedures

1. Plug in the first place.

2. Open air compressor and mixers, via a button on the control in order to check all the equipment running status.

3. Stir in the cylinder can not have expected, the discharging door closed. Start the computer into the monitoring system, select a production task production in the table, click on "start" start automatically.

4. In the automatic state failure, exit the program is running, after waiting for trouble shooting for production again. Unable to determine when a failure immediately, press the emergency stop button, to stop all the work.

5. Need to shut down the computer towards the end of production, should first out of monitoring system, and then click on the screen left off the WINDOWS start menu of options, turn off the computer, the last disconnect control power supply.

B) the matters needing attention

1. Should the specialist is responsible for the operation of the electric control system. It is forbidden to play computer games, it is strictly prohibited to install other than needed by the control system software, it is forbidden to change, delete files, and so on. Strictly forbid copy, reprint this software company, otherwise it shall be investigated for the responsibility of the pirates.

2. Should be regularly check the main switch, button, indicator light, hopper limit, scale switch threshold, the host switch threshold of reliability, and system operation records and maintenance record, often keep the control room clean.

3. The system requires a good grounding and lightning protection measures.

4. Operation not according to stipulations or users to design change, human welding or lightning, flood, fire and other natural disasters caused by the fault are not warranty scope.

5. Special remind: during maintenance, must disconnect the power and hold people watch.

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