Installation and use common sense of aggregate batching machine

June 11, 2020

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1. Concrete batching machine should be installed on a solid pedestal. When long-term fixed should be embedded anchor bolts; when short-term use, should be on the base flat wooden pillow and find stable.
2. Concrete batcher console, the operator should be able to see all parts of the work. Console electric batching machine should rubber mat board or dry wood.
3. Wiring and electrical components of the motor firmly protect access to zero or ground resistance compliance.
4. Before the job should be carried out hopper lift test, should be observed and confirmed the clutch, brake flexible and reliable.
5. Each transmission, work, brakes are tight and reliable, open gears, pulleys, etc. are protective cover.
6. After you use concrete batcher operations, respond mixer comprehensive clean; when the operator needs to enter the cylinder, must be cut off or remove the fuse and lock switch box, hang "DO NOT TURN" signs, and there hand out care; clean up the work site, cut off the power and lock switch box.

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