Performance characteristics of concrete mixer pump

June 06, 2020

Performance characteristics of concrete mixer pump:

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1. The power system adopts electric motor and diesel engine.

2. The concrete pump double pump bidirectional road hydraulic system has low impact, high reliability, good heat dissipation and stable operation.

3. The hydraulic system of the concrete pump is equipped with safety overflow protection, and the overpressure automatically cuts off the shutoff device, so that the main pump is reliably protected in multiple stages.

4. The pumping oil path of the concrete pump adopts non-contact automatic reversing and delay time control, which avoids reversing impact and is stable and reliable.

5. The suction port filtering technology is adopted to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit, which greatly extends the service life of system components while improving system reliability.

6. High operating efficiency, good concrete quality, low dust concentration, low rebound rate, low failure rate, and low project cost.

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