Self-loading mixer truck structure

September 09, 2022

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Self-loading mixer trucks (concrete mixer trucks) are divided into 1.2-square self-loading mixer trucks, 1.8-square self-loading mixer trucks, 2.6-square self-loading mixer trucks, 3.5-square self-loading mixer trucks, 4-square self-loading mixer trucks, 5 Square, 6.5 square and so on, the Mixing drum has a double helical stirring screw and a convex bottom. The reaction force frame installed on the heavy star saddle rotates 270° hydraulically, and is automatically locked by a hydraulic brake. The drum rotation is achieved by a gear pump and a cycloid hydraulic motor in an open circuit, with manual electric valves in the operating room and after the mixer. The drum is raised to the horizontal position by means of 2 double-acting jacks. The unloading chute is tilted via a manually adjustable handle that can be rotated 90°. The removable chute guarantees direct unloading through the hopper. 2 chute extensions are provided as standard.