The advantages of self-loading mixer truck

September 03, 2022

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The advantages of self-loading mixer truck:

1. High automation procedures: automatic feeding, mixing, unloading, and transportation, making it easy to produce concrete.

2. Labor saving: 1-2 people can operate, one person operates, and one person assists operation.

3. Saving expenses: In addition to the above-mentioned saving of labor expenses, it can also save a lot of material expenses. After all, the current price of commercial mixing is not low, and the concrete side of C30 is about 300 yuan (there are differences in prices in different places).

4. High efficiency: like automatic feeding mixer truck, the output is about 20 cubic meters per hour, and about 500 tons of concrete in a day. However, if it is manually mixed, the amount of concrete that can be mixed in one hour is limited, and even a mixer is far less efficient than an automatic feeding mixer.

5. Strong practicability: Whether it is building roads, bridges and houses, or laying floors, slope protection and foundations, etc., the automatic feeding mixer truck can come in handy. As long as it is a project that requires concrete, its practicality is as high as 100%. In addition, most of the engineering projects are in the wild in the mountains, and some even in the plateau grasslands. The automatic feeding mixer can also be well adapted, with obvious features such as strong power, low torque, four-wheel steering, and two-way driving.

High safety: Because the rear weight is too large, the traditional mixer truck has a great safety hazard when climbing. The body structure and counterweight design of the automatic feeding mixer truck are reasonable, the walking is stable, and the safety factor is high.